Stoot Studios LIC was created for creative collaboration; a place where photographer, designer, artist, and talent all come together as a Team.

The studio owner, and in-house photographer, Donald Stoot, has had decades of success as a fashion model, and subsequently as a photographer. An executive of a talent and photography franchise can only do so much on their own; but by looking to the future for expansion and inspiration, the necessity was clear: a Studio. After assembling a dedicated in-house Team of photographers, stylists, photoshop experts, and creative minds, Stoot Studios has come to fruition and is open to inquiries for new concepts and shoots, while producing current ones on their own.

Stoot Studios was born and officially launched on September 24th, 2011, with a Launch party of its own for friends and media.

‘Inspiring creativity, promoting collaboration and companionship with a Team, and working for precise execution of goals; all between the walls of Stoot Studios’

You have the idea. We have the Team to execute and bring that idea to Life.

Stoot Studios.